About the College of Midwives of Manitoba

College Representatives

The Council of the College is the executive body empowered to manage and run the business and affairs of the College. The Council is comprised of elected members and appointed public representatives. The Midwifery Act requires the College to appoint an independent committee to select the public representatives. This Committee acts at arms-length from the College, and determines its own selection criteria.

Elected Council Members

Sandra Howard, RM 2019-2022 
Sandra Howard is a practising midwife in the Northern Health Region.
Cara McDonald, RM 2020-2023 
Cara McDonald is a practising midwife in Southern Health-Santé Sud.   
Erin Vosters, RM 2020-2023 
Erin Vosters is a practising midwife in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Appointed Public Representatives

Alison Beyer 2017-2020
Alison Beyer can be reached at (204) 783-4520
Lorie Peters 2018-2021 
Lorie Peters can be reached at (204) 783-4520  

Member appointed by Kagike Danikobidan

(Standing Committee to Advise the College on Issues Related to Midwifery Care to Indigenous Women)

Laura Wiebe, RM 2020-2023
Laura Wiebe is a practising midwife in Southern Health-Santé Sud.  

Administrative Personnel of the College

Janice Erickson, RM (Non-practising)  
Telephone: (204) 783-4520  
E-mail:   registrar@midwives.mb.ca

Patty Eadie, B.S.W.  
Executive Director  
Telephone: (204) 783-4520  
E-mail:   director@midwives.mb.ca  

Telephone: (204) 783-4520  
E-mail:   admin@midwives.mb.ca

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