Verification Documents

In addition to your Letter of Intent and $100 Application fee, the following Verification Documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

Please refer to the Assessment Application Checklist to ensure your application is complete.

You must declare and verify your Currency of Practice and Clinical Experience by:

  • submitting a Clinical Practice Experience and Verification Form and
  • arranging for External Verification of your Currency of Practice and Clinical Experience.  External Verification must be provided by at least one external third party (for example: educational institution or supervising midwife).  At a minimum, External Verification must include: dates you worked as a primary midwife (or dates of your education program); the number of births attended as a primary midwife; the name and designation/position of the individual providing external verification.  External Verification must be sent directly to the CMM (via mail, fax or email).  If you are not able to provide third party External Verification please contact the CMM.

You must verify your midwifery education by arranging to provide:

  • a World Education Services (WES) Evaluation Report.  Minimum requirement is a WES Standard/Basic Document-by-Document Evaluation Report.  Applications and further information are available on the WES website. WES evaluation reports be sent directly to CMM from WES or another third party.  If specific documentation is unavailable owing to exceptional circumstances (e.g. loss of records owing to war or natural disaster in the country of origin), the CMM may consider alternative documentation options.

You must verify your identity by providing:

  • a photocopy of one piece of government issued photo identification (eg. Passport, Driver’s License – from Manitoba or your home jurisdiction).

You must verify your Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status by providing:

  •   a photocopy of your Canadian Citizenship Certificate/Card or Permanent Resident Card or Canadian Birth Certificate.

You must verify your Manitoba residency by providing:

  • a photocopy of your Manitoba Health Card.

Providing false or misleading statements or verification documents in this Application and Letter of Intent may disqualify you from the Manitoba IEM Assessment and Gap Training Process.

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