Registering as a Midwife in Manitoba

Graduates of CMM approved midwifery education program

Education programs are approved by the CMM when it completes an extensive program assessment process that determines that the program meets CMM education standards and policies. Approved program graduates must meet both the entry-level competencies and the clinical experience requirements as set out in the   Midwifery Regulation, and must have written and passed the   Canadian Midwifery Registration Exam.

All current CMM approved programs are Canadian four-year direct-entry education programs leading to a university degree. All programs offer clinical experience working in a model of practice that is the same or very similar to the model in Manitoba. Graduates from approved programs from outside of Manitoba may be required complete a self-study and orientation specific to midwifery practice in Manitoba. Click here to see the Education Principles supported by the CMM.

Midwifery Education in Manitoba is offered at the University of Manitoba, beginning in September 2021. The program will be undergoing the accreditation process prior to graduating its first students.  Students enrolled in the University of Manitoba Bachelor of Midwifery program are eligible for registration as a student member with the CMM.

Formal Programs of study that are currently acceptable to the College include:

  1. Bachelor of Midwifery Program at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg
  2. Ontario Midwifery Education Program McMaster University (Hamilton) Laurentian University (Sudbury), and Ryerson University (Toronto)
  3. British Columbia Midwifery Education Program at University of British Columbia in Vancouver
  4. Mount Royal University
  5. In addition to the approved educational programs listed above, there is a program at Université du Québec à Trois Rivières  This program is offered in French only.

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