About the College of Midwives of Manitoba

about CMM

Role of the College of Midwives of Manitoba (CMM)

The College of Midwives of Manitoba is the regulatory body for the profession of midwifery. The purpose of the College is to:

  • Protect the safety of the public in the provision of midwifery services in Manitoba;
  • Support midwives in the provision of safe and effective midwifery services in Manitoba; and
  • Develop and enforce the standards of midwifery care in Manitoba

This includes:

  • Setting registration requirements and standards for education and experience that must be met in order to practice as a midwife in Manitoba;
  • Developing, establishing, and maintaining standards for safe and ethical practice for members; and
  • Responding to complaints from the public regarding midwifery practice.

The College is made up of members whose names appear on the registers specified by the legislation, and who have paid the fees provided for in the By-law. These are:

  • Register of Practicing Midwives
  • Register of Non-Practising Midwives
  • Register of Students

The College is governed by a council comprised of midwives, at least two members of the public and a representative of the College's Standing Committee on Issues Related to Midwifery Care to Aboriginal Women. Midwife members of council are elected by the College's membership and must include at least one midwife who practices in a rural area. Public representatives are appointed by the Committee to Select Public Representatives. The College also has the following committees: Executive, Board of Assessors, Standards, Perinatal Review, Quality Assurance, Education, Complaints, and Inquiry.

Council meetings are open to the public. They are held regularly throughout the year at the College office. Contact the College to confirm meeting time and locations.

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