• Are there any other bridging/gap training programs currently offered in Canada?
    Yes. Ontario offers the   International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP). It is a 7 to 9 month program that takes place in Toronto. CMM approves this program. Contact IMPP if you choose to complete this program.
    British Columbia offers the   UBC Internationally Educated Bridging Program.  It is a 9 month program that takes place in Vancouver.  Contact UBC if you choose to complete this program.
  • Can I write the national exam (CMRE) before I complete a bridging/gap training program?
    No. You must complete a bridging program to become eligible to write the exam.
  • Can I register if I am not employed by a Regional Health Authority?
    In theory, yes, however currently all midwives practising in Manitoba are employed by an RHA. To practise outside of employment with an RHA you must purchase your own professional liability insurance and either charge patients a fee for service or be paid by a different employer. If you are considering practising via any other employer or via private practice please contact the CMM for further information.
  • Can I register with CMM while I am waiting to write my exam or receive my exam results?
    No, you must pass the exam to be eligible to register with CMM.
  • Can I apply for registration before I have secured employment?
    Yes. Once you have completed an approved education or assessment/gap training program the CMM will review your application and may provide you with a decision letter that states that you are eligible for registration pending proof of employment/insurance. This letter may help you secure employment.
  • Can I apply for Assessment and Gap Training if I have not completed my midwifery education program?
    No, you must have completed your midwifery education program before you apply for Assessment and Gap Training.
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