Step 1: Self Assessment and Preparation


Complete these tasks to determine if you wish to pursue the registration process:

a) Understand Midwifery In Manitoba
Midwifery in Manitoba may be very different from the way that you are used to practising. Familiarize yourself with Manitoba’s practices to find out if Midwifery in Manitoba is right for you:

Practising Midwifery in Manitoba

College of Midwives of Manitoba Core Competencies

Midwifery in Canada

b) Assess Your Readiness 
Use the Self-Assessment Readiness Tool (SART©). SART© will help you understand what midwives in Canada are expected to know and do. It outlines the competencies, knowledge and skills that midwives must have to be eligible to apply for registration and be ready to practise in Canada.

Self-Assessment Readiness Tool (SART©)

c) Preparation 
The CMM strongly recommends that all applicants review the following resources in preparation for application, assessment and/or gap training


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